Looking for a Lua Coder for Zombie Survival

Hello there,

Recently I’ve been given controll of a Zombie Survival server from a different community. The name of the community will remain secret due to advertisement policies. I’ve started it up and it gets the required amount of players and has some great maps to play on that I got from heavy.noxiousnet.com/downloadurls/maps and a votemap system that I have taken from ptown2. I am in search for a Lua coder, and seeing as JetBoom is not willing to code until summer vacation I will need someone else.

I have no specific demands yet, but I am actively brainstorming for ideas. There is money in it for the coder, a price will be negotiated with me in a private chat.

Interested? Post here and show me some of the things you’ve already coded to give me a good impression of what you can do!
Add me on steam to talk to me instantly if you think you’ve got what it takes: shinyshark1

Thank you in advance.


That’s the guy who gave me control of the Zombie Survival server.

You post in the thread I linked to hire a coder, Not here.

Alright, that would explain the ‘dumb’ ratings. Could someone close this?