Looking for a lua coder(free)

So guys I’m looking for someone to make a simple bank account system so when you go to amrica bank in evocity_v2d and click e on the bank machine you get a menu for balance, withdraw/deposit etc.
Also, if possible, make it check for the map - if it’s evocity_v2d then you can get the menu when press e on the cordinates of the bank machine of evocity_v2d and if evocity2_v2p - on a bank machine on evo 2.
I can’t pay, I still think someone is kind enough to make this for me. Also money hsould be saved in server databse, you know.
Note: I don’t want another DarkRP module, I want this to be a seperate script.

I have a half finished one that i plan to finish in the next few days after my car dealer.
It will be publicly released.