Looking for a LUA Coder [Gamemode]

I’m just after a basic quote from someone who could do this.
Note: I am doing this on behalf of someone.

After seeing how many other threads got deleted from “Lack of detail”
I even got him to add a background story.
zombie RP

Generic features

  • Admins spawn weapons sparringly around the map and via events such as downed
    helicopters, players can loot the weapons/supplies they had
  • intense survival atmostphere
  • no physgun or toolgun access unless a respected user
  • no prop spawning unless a respected user


  • admins have a command to spawn toggleable zombie hoardes
  • admins have a command to spawn a single zombie
  • ability to use custom zombies
  • several types of zombies
  • able to recognise certain playermodels as freindly


  • upon entering the server players can create a character of one of the 3 factions
    but survivor is default for people without flags, Vanguard( millitary guys, can only
    be selected if a player has a certain flag), survivor, zombie (must have a special
  • fields such as name, age and physical description are a must
  • flagging system
  • custom player models, different for each faction
  • Upon creating a new character you create your starting kit which has access to a
    few weapons, based on a points system, eg. characters start with 100 points, a glock
    costs 35 points, 50 9mm rounds cost 50 points and a 15 point knife. this allows
    players customisation


  • persistant inventory based on a grid system
  • Characters have a paperdoll in which they can equip and view items
  • Different slots for items such as backpack, pockets, satchels etc.
  • saves upon disconnecting the server


  • a wide assortment of weapons, that are easily brought into the gamemode ( ie a
    goon like me can add them)
  • must have iron sights
  • fit perfectly with paperdoll and grid system
  • individual ammo types for different weapons ie glock would take 9mm ammo
  • dropable from inventory
  • able to holster weapon at a downward angle
  • able to put weapon from hands back into the invetory
  • individual bullet counts ie the gun starts with no ammo and each individual round
    stays in the weapon even when dropped
  • equiped weapon drops upon death
  • generic items such as food that increase health

Chat functions

  • global chat so that everyone can see the text who is in the server ( used for
    admins to alert players of world events )
  • OOC functions
  • No voice chat
  • PM’s


  • Survivors (default)
  • vanguard (respected)
  • zombie (respected)

Back story

First report of outbreak: march 13th, 2011
Current president of Ukraine: Victor Yushchenko
In 2009 the Ukraine began research into biologically engineering the pneumonic
plague into something much more sinister and turning it into a bio weapon targeted
towards the US. After the Ukraine civil war president Victor Yuschenko was elected
as president , after the NATO agreement involving the Ukraine broke down there was
tension between the US and the Ukraine. President Victor Yuschenko passed a bill
that allowed the early research of Vladimir Vernadsky, the first man to discover
viruses. In 2009 the research into the pneumonic plague commenced and the biologist
soon discovered it could be turned into a deadly bio weapon. The news had reached
the US and the government and brought with it the anxiety of another powerful nation
having control of a biological super weapon. After much development the engineered
pneumonic plague had shown a sign that could bring the world to its end.

This discovery was made in early 2011 on march 13th when a lab rat had become
infected with the plague and began to become aggressive, the plague could now be
spread via exchange of bodily fluids, the strain had mutated. The whole lab had now
been infected and isolated pockets of the community. Within 48 hours the majority of
the population in the Ukraine was infected, of the 46 million people that were
residents only a mere 10000 were still classified as human.

When the news of devastation had reached the US they sought out their links to a
rogue warlord who had evaded prosecution during the Ukrainian civil war for war
crimes and slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians. This man Vladimir
Pavlichenko was also deemed an enemy of the Ukraine. Funded by the US government to
secure any mutated strains of the virus Pavilchenko’s mercenaries remove any
obstacles in their way.

On march 18th the president sent out his elite vanguard to stop Pavilchenko’s forces
from obtaining the mutated strains of the virus and tasked Field Marshal Tom
Korolenko, a veteran of the Ukraine civil war, with overseeing and instructing his
forces as required.

There was a direct decedent of Waldemar Haffkine, a famous Ukrainian micro biologist
who created vaccines for the bubonic plague and colera rumored to be creating a
vaccine to reverse the spread of the infection, he was stationed at his lab in
brytavka a small hillside town which was still not fully rebuilt from the civil war.
The vanguard were told to defend him with their lives and do not let Pavilchenko’s
forces anywhere near the lab.

Which brings us to the present day march 23rd and the world’s population is growing
smaller by the day.

This is what I believe to be the basics of the gamemode.
PM with offers.

$20 per hour I spend on it

Sounds fair…
How many hours do you think it would take?


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