Looking for a Lua Coder to make a gamemode that has sandbox/darkrp in it. :)

Hello, my name is Codefinder. I am making my first thread so bear with me, but i’m making this because i’m looking for a lua coder to help make a gamemode that has sandbox/darkrp in it for me so you can choose what you want to play. I will pay 5$ for the lua coder. Thank you ahead of time if you are one of the people that help! :slight_smile:

  1. There is a job section for these requests
  2. I can almost guarantee that no one will make a gamemode for $5

Your name is codefinder, you literally came here just for a coder little bitch tit. And $5 won’t cut it, I’d go around 80-100

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Ok thanks, and also thanks for not being a douchebag. :slight_smile:

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Why does it matter if i came for a coder? All i need is a coder. Sorry if i don’t please you enough, go bother someone else.

You obviously missed the sticky: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1257110

Also these threads:

Also, I’m fairly sure nobody is willing to code you a gamemode for $5.

not sure if real, or made account to troll a real problem on here.


Well, its my first thread EVER and if you read my thread i said bear with me and i will change the price its not ME thats needing a coder its someone else, im just helping em find one.

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Idk if thats a bad thing? because the sticky was made in 2001. Also those threads were made in 2011

They’re still posted in frequently, also the sticky is only updated when it needs to be.

why not just make a builder job in darkrp that has most restrictions removed?

Who not host a DarkRP server on gm_construct? It’s not like DarkRP restricts any of the tools. You can also enable prop purchase.

But then it wouldn’t be ~custom~

Nobody in the entire thread mentioned “custom”, he just wanted a cross-over of two gamemodes.

Play sandbox and disable godmode. That what DarkDM pretty much is.

And if your feeling saucy, add a money plugin that gives you money for server time played and buy custom items.