Looking for a 'Lua Coder'

I am representing QxGamers. First off, No I am not looking for some kid who can edit DarkRP. I am looking for some who has had a fair amount experience in writing in Lua not someone who can just edit.
As part of the project we are working on HL2RP Maps. We have someone working on a new design of Half-Life 2 City map with a full ‘Day to Night’ Mod added in, as well as a new type of weather mod [Not just plain rain].

A few things you must able to do:

* Script SWEPS
* Be able to script backbone of Gamemodes.
* Come up with some good ideas [We do have our own]

Depending on how it works out, its not just Roleplay we are looking into.
We also need help editing one of our other scripts.
I won’t list what is needed to be done, I will tell you if you are interested. Payment of cashcan be made for the jobs done but there are other things with can pay you with.

Before I go I will give you a little history on QxGamers. QxGamers is fully sponsored by www.Pure-Servers.com. There are able 14 Counter-Strike Source Servers. Three Garry’s Mod servers. In our team we have two mappers and one Counter-Strike Source Mod Coder. We wish to gain a high level in Garry’s Mod servers. Our website is still in design right now.
Same thread by me in “LUA Scripting”
Either PM me or post here.

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