Looking for a LUA coder

Well I’ve recently set up a DarkRP server called Sintwins New Semi Serious Dark RP. The IP isn’t static at the moment however it will be over the next few days.

Anyway I am looking for a coder to help me to make new features for the server. I was thinking about a few things, but mainly upgradeable jobs. For example each job has 5 objectives which can get you promoted, once you meet 3 of these 5 objectives you get promoted to the higher level which brings it’s own perks such as more health or a better gun. For a cop these objectives might be something like arrest 50 criminals, confiscate 50 drug labs and so on. Also people could have stats such as strength and agility. They get a stat point each hour of game play or they can buy more stat points for $15000.

These are all just ideas but I would really like an experienced coder to come by the server or pm me so that we can try some thingss out.

Why should you help? Well I will be able to test out your new scripts / addons and this will be an invaluable learning opportunity for you.

Also if anyone can help I was looking at how to add in game achievements, for example get $1,000,000 and you get an achievement which allows you to buy more moneyprinters.

Another thing which I wondered if anyone could help with is does anyone know where I can download the drug plant from which you buy for $2000 from the f4 menu and as it grows you can sell it for more?


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