Looking for a Map Dev

Alright, so we are in the search of a map developer, to edit the desert map used for Military Rp, obviously we can’t find anyone to do it for free that is why we are here, we’d like to see some of your work, to know you are experienced, because everyone penny out of our pocket matters, life is a numbers game. If you can do the job great, heres how you can contact me. Steam: (Loki ‘The Trickster’), email. a.courteaux0281@gmail.com. Either way you would like to reach me, we can discuss prices and what we expect. Now I do not own there server, but am here in his place, he will be making the finial choice in the matter, with your agreement.

What kind of edits are you looking for, do you have the vmf, what is your base price, what’s your deadline. Listing this type of information on the thread might attract more experience d mappers

If you’re going to pay for it, try to contact the original author. They would probably love to be paid to make a personal edit of their own map. If that’s not possible, you might have a hard time finding a mapper willing to edit somebody else’s map. It’s illegal.

Correct ! Finally someone how thinks the same :)!