Looking for a map I played on before

I use to play on this RP server that had a map I really like and can’t find. This map was kinda like rp_downtown. Sorry if this is a little rough, but I can only really remember the police station. The police station had a parking garage attached to it and the jail cells were at the opposite end of the hallway between it and the parking garage in the back of the police station. I’ll try to remember some more details if that didn’t help at all. Thank you in advance if someone finds out what it is!


What’s the confusion? I’m asking if anyone knows the name of the map with my scarce details.

I just suggested, is it that map?

Oh, sorry! Didn’t notice it was a link. Checking it out now!

EDIT: It’s not the map, but it is very nice. Might make a good substitute.