Looking for a Map Maker for Hide and Seek Game Mode

I’m looking for someone who could make a map or a few maps for my community and specifically for our Hide and Seek servers.

Key things (which is why its been hard for us to just find good maps):
-Boundaries need to well done (Too many maps are too easy to get out of)
-Our server has double jump and thus having some good spots that would be parkourable would be nice but also have enough spots for people to hide in general that do not require parkouring.

If you would be interested please hit me up!

so what would you look for in a map? fairly dark with a lot of nooks and crannies? almost like a ttt map?

Almost like some TTT maps (in fact there are some ttt maps that are pretty decent but have bad boundaries and traitor testers that mess things up)

I’m not really available for making maps from scratch, but I can edit ttt_ maps for you if you’d like.

Just specify what you’d want changed and what maps you want changed.

That would be amazing, even if you can add just better boundaries that would help immensely!
I’ll get a list shortly.

I’m tired of making just RP maps for commissions. Poke me on steam. Same username.

how do u fix map vote in hide and seek when it hits max rounds? cant fix it