Looking for a map maker

Hello me and a couple of friends are making a server and we were looking to get a custom map for it because we aren’t satisfied with the map that we were previously using (not custom) because the it was to small and the skybox was very limiting (the map I’m talking about is rp_vietnam_b13).
Some things that we are looking for in the map would be- max size for source, pretty big skybox, Vietnam themed, 2-3 little bases, a base for the americans with a house and 3 little hangers, swamp like, trees, little huts for the vietnamesse, and an area for helicopter to land near the little to bases to put in or extract soldiers, helipad at the main base for the americans. That’s about it i will discuss i form or repayment if you are interested.

P.S. The server is VietnamRP

A bit ambitious of a project, you might give a more detailed explanation of what you want. Good mappers will also want $200.00+ for a map.

Thanks for replying. I didn’t know map makers wanted that much for maps

That’s if you’re outright paying them to the work, sometimes you can find ones willing to collaborate.

The reason it’s so expensive though, is because mapping takes a LOT of time, and in many cases it still ends up paying less than minimum wage, which is why they would prefer to do work they would at least enjoy.