Looking for a map of a big city

I was wondering what the biggest city map for gmod was. biggest and detailed i should say. ive seen some of those maps where the buildings are like grayed out because no one wanted to put the texture on them. Whats the biggest map of a rp city thats at least fairly detailed.

Evocity 2 by far lol


I’m not even kidding look it up XD

Evo city 2 is huuuuge. but whats with the command you have to add for the map to work ?

+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

Gm_Bigcity is nice, but it’s not really made for RP, you can’t go in almost any of the buildings.

Basically it stops the lightmaps beign assigned to the running memory of the game, and they are instead assigned to RAM lime any other program. Giving the engine more breating room. Well at least, that’s what I could figure out from the looks of.

hmmmm, would evo city 2 work online though? i mean how would the other people know to do that to the command line thing.?

When you download the map, there’s a readme that tells you what to do. Most people who downloaded it have set the proper command.

Not for loooong…

I know something you dont knowwwww
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Thats very informative,may you share it with us, good sir?

I may not, Unless i get permission from its Creator, but i suppose i may Give you a link.
Im Beta ing it, right now its 3x bigger than Evo :smiley:
All Creds to mah main man Thingshappen.


hey their i was wondering if i can get some help with an idea i have but i need help on modeling and maping its a map based on a movie but not bound to it and i was wondering if i can get some help ok bye

Looks promising. I am looking foward it.

Well lets hope it has optimization up its ass