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I am new to Facepunch and the Garry’s Mod community altogether. I enjoy mapping and have made a map for Empires Mod. Unfortunately, the mod’s popularity has significantly dwindled in popularity and I making more maps for it feels like a waste. I would like to make another map but do not know what Source game to make it for. Garry’s Mod seems like it still has a lot of active players and would be good game to create new maps for. The reason I am posting here is because I have barely played Garry’s Mod and do not know what kind of maps people would want to play.

I am a somewhat experienced mapper and I have good working knowledge of Hammer. Here is an image of the map I made for Empires Mod. Please drop suggestions on what kind of maps would be a good addition to the game.


Trouble in Terrorist Town could always use better maps.

More spacebuild maps to bring up popularity for the gamemode. :v:

I would suggest RP map but it seems the community is forever doomed to playing downtown.

Anyway I would suggest just picking one based on what game you like to play. If you’re having a lot of fun lately playing TF2 then map for TF2, if it’s TTT then do a TTT.

An rp map would never get played. IT would be a shame to see his work go to waste.

You should make a TTT map. It’s widely played, and most of the servers are open to new maps. Though, some are stuck with the extremely outdated TTT map pack.

TTT could really indeed use quality maps, but to add there is also a dizzying amount of ttt maps out there. This isn’t to discourage the op, just to let him know. Personally, I would say just map an environment you really want to do.

Which is why I said

If you have L4D2 you could try making a big urban survival map, not a whole lot of good maps on the workshop right now it seems.

There aren’t enough maps for posing. I’d like to see some wor-torn battlefield maps, perhaps. There aren’t very many Halo-based maps that are of any good quality, so that’s always a thought.

I have some ideas for posing maps.

  1. A cliff in a HL3: EP2 style forest overlooking a large Combine controlled City.
  2. A courtroom.

If you’re looking for something bigger, I guess I could use an underwater Lovecraftian city style map, which I’m only suggesting based on the fact there doesn’t seem to be any such map in Gmod.

TTT is a good place to start. I like TTT because of its flexibility for other gamemodes. If the map is built properly it can also be used for PropHunt, Hide and Seek, Murder, SledBuild(jk), and i’m sure many others.

Another option could be to just make a map that you really want to build, then see what gamemode it would best fit into.

Also… you could create your own gamemode all together. That’s what I did, (not the best idea for someone who’s been out of the mapping scene for a few years…like me).

Part of the reason I’ve got back into mapping/development is the flexibility Gmod has. It’s so open, anything you want is possible with enough time and dedication.

We’re always looking for mappers to join our ranks. Send me a PM if you want a challenge.

Noticed the age of this topic :downs: uh well we need mappers anyway.

Bit of an unpopular one, but sandbox or otherwise maps involving usable train tracks are few and far between. My friend said that the only completed up-to-date maps were trainconstruct and a few others.

(In other words, the community that builds trains would be extremely appreciative of more maps to play on. It’s always about cars these days, it’s frustrating)

You can help me with my map.
Because why not.
Just noticed the first post date. ._.

HL2RP is in need of a new city map.

Personally, I say sit back, think of what gamemode to aim for, listen to some blues, country, any calm, classic music and let the inspirations flow. Hell, yesterday my grandma was playing some music, and that music made me think of a forest with a river, a house next to that river edge, with two guys sitting next to a fire playing music. This gave me a kick to create this in Hammer.

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