Looking for a map with variety and good posing places

I like to pose and i think im not half bad at it and i try finding maps that offer variety (such as open land to military base to residential area) or just plainly good posing places but all I see in most maps is a small dull 1 purpose map or all these lame remade gm_contruct maps. other people may find them usefull and im sorry to sound like a spoiled child but what i can use is a map with well (please mind the repetition) variety and ill try my best to explain what i mean. some maps i see are good for posing but offer little other posing possibilities. if your still confused i am more into posing someone ducking behind a car while being shot at rather than posing a man drinking a cup of coffee sitting on a chair. i am kind of being a hypocrite saying a want variety when i also say i want action, but thats the way it is :confused: sorry if you confused. but what i am asking is not for anyone to go out of their way and make a map (not that they’l do it anywase) but to suggest good action poses as well as other inspiring/opportunities to make other poses.

feel free to say: Too many words, DO NOT WANT (you probably cam here expecting to see this: i w4nT geWd mApP)

Well as confusing at it is, here are some good maps you could use:
rp_evocity_2d-you need counter strike source
zm_barrage_v3-i believe you need a l4d game(1 or 2)
cs_parkhouse-counter strike source

if those don’t satisfy you could just tell me