Looking for a mapmaker to fix some things

Ive been trying to make a type of gm_constuct map the problem is my brother made part of it and it’s laggy, the lake was broken so I got rid of it, and some rooms are working/not working

*I need the mapper to make the lake
*I need him to add more stuff/ props, maybe something more fun
*Spawn points for 2 different teams.
*Credits of the mappers in a room, of everybody that contributed

Other things that are small and wont take too much time

I’m wondering how much all this would cost please tell me.
The mapmaker will have permission to use the map for himself but not sell it, I will release the map to the public after a couple months on having it on my server

Mapmaker will get full credit of what part he has done!!! And he may add things he would like also if he wants to experiment :slight_smile:

I’m interested. Here’s my resume: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100041470/diode/projects.html