Looking for a Mapmaker to help in 2017 Dota Custom Game competition

I’m working on an entry for valves latest custom game competition, but our team lacks a mapmaker and our game concept requires to make a good-looking fantasy style kitchen in a winter environment. I was told this would be a good place to ask. If anybody is willing to help, I could either pay directly for work done, or include you in a share of the winnings, if we win (we will probably not win).

How much are you willing to pay directly?

I’d rather discuss that in PM if there is anybody interested.

The two halves of that sentence conflict. How will anybody be interested if you don’t first put forward the information that would interest them.

I don’t want to feed the tyre-kickers by talking openly about price. Anyone serious about the offer would of PM’d me by now.

A) Why would anyone be serious about the offer if they don’t know what you’re offering?
B) What’s keeping people from coming back to the thread after you PM them and going “HEY THIS HO GONNA PAY US ONLY 1.35 FOR ALL OUR WORK ITS A TRAP!!!” or something like that?

I mean if you’re that skepitcal about talking about the price (not even a rough estimate), that probably means you’re not offering much to begin with.

Anybody serious at getting paid would want to know some basic information like your price range and scope of work.