Looking for a mapper

I looking for a mapper to design me a map for my server. I have a rough idea of how I wan’t it to look like and I can explain more if you add me.

Steam : ClickBoss

Edit : I don’t wan’t to give to much away is all, basically it’s a schoolrp map I wan’t made I have already started making it but after adding the func_door_rotating it kept giving me leak error’s so I gave up but I already have most of the idea’s anyway and payment I can’t say specifically because I’m not sure how long it would take, how good it would be, I would be paying by progress.

Plus a lot of the basic map is already made like the school and that I can easily add the static props and stuff to the map I just honestly have no idea how to get it to get rid of these leak errors because I’ve been trying for hours and the onyl thing that fixes it it deleting the wall which I clipped out a hole in and the door itself.

You’ll get more interest if post more details here, I.E. payment/what kind of map it’s going to be/what mode it’s going to be used for, etc.

I know you probably want to keep your ideas private, but mappers probably aren’t going to actively seek you out to explain your idea over Steam or something, especially without incentive of some sort, whether that be a personal challenge sort of thing or money. You may as well post whatever you’re thinking of here.

Well, Clickboss, under other circumstances I like to think that we might have been able to make map and work together in an atmosphere of cooperation and detail. Certainly, judging from your post at Facepunch, you showed every promise of becoming a UN-detailed server owner and productive contributor to the downtown remake progress. And yet… I’m not sure what spurred you to it… but there is really no place in this enterprise for a un-detailed map post.

In other words, detail your post. People are going to pay more interest if they know what they are making.

dont want to give too much away? What?

Hello, Clickboss.
I would be very interested in mapping for you, the concept and idea seems simple enough. Although mapping is not the easiest thing in the world. It takes a lot of tedious work for your map to come out looking good. It also seems you have some various issues with Hammer Editor, which can most likely be resolved.

For more information please, private message me.

Why’d you post two fucking threads asking the same thing?