Looking for a mapper :)

Okay so I started making a map for my server, turned out it’s taking far to long and I just simply can’t do it :’).

Okay the map will need to be for schoolrp, I need there to be a school, canteen, outside area, janitors place and a few places where people can actually build a base.
I wan’t it to look realistic and need’s to be big enough for 50-64 players as I get 50/50 on everyday and will be expanding to 64 slots very soon.
If you’re interested and think you can do this then contact me and we can make arrangements :).
Thanks - ClickBoss

There is already a few maps like de_School out there…

Yeah I use ‘ttt_bb_schooldayv3_r3’ right now but it’s just not what I wan’t I will be paying money for a new map to be made, I just need a fresh new one if you know what I mean :’)

Why would people build a base in a school?

because they want to relive building forts out of chairs and mats in elementary school, obviously

Didn’t you make a thread a few days ago asking for the same thing?


Your better off getting someone to map a college. At least role playing on a college campus would be more fun than a elementary school.