Looking for a mapper.

I would like to apologize first if this is in the wrong section, but I cant find anywhere else to post this. I’m looking for a mapper for a strongly growing popular DarkRP server. First project includes modding out rp_downtown_v4c_v2.

You’re gonna have to give more details than that if you want anyone to get interested. What do you specifically want to have done and how much are you willing to pay for the work?

Here’s the thing, I’ve never hired a mapper so I don’t know how hard the actual work is and how much is usually charged. How much would you say minor to medium changed to a map would cost. Changes such as change it from night to day, make the entire map a snow environment, minor building skin changes, minor miscellaneous prop changes.

Add me on Steam if you wish to discuss this with me. I might be able to do this for you.

I just added you on steam, but you appear to be offline. I’ll message you up when you add me. =)

For a free night, ill do anything :wink:

I think I might be able to do the job. Though honestly you’re much better off making a brand new map than something like rp_downtown_v4c_v2_community_edit1_moreroads_newbuildings. Add me on Steam (Click the steam button on my profile) and we’ll talk more.

rp_downtown_v4c_v2 is the worst map possible to edit. It’s a nightmare of brushes on the 1 inch grid, unoptimized use of brushes, bad lighting, lack of func_details, horrible optimization, and overall just horrible. You’d need to fix a lot of things before any decent amount of work could be done on it.

:thisthread: (accurate representation of mappers editing the map)

Price is usually indicative of the quality of mapper you’re hiring, or their knowledge of Source. In general you get what you pay for, and good quality maps can get very expensive (On the upper half of $$$).

Bumping this thread as I am in the market looking for a mapper again. Original job on the original creation of this thread was never done.

The problem that you’re going to have with hiring a mapper for a roleplay project is the amount of time it takes. It won’t be done for 2-3 months if it’s of any quality, and if you base your pay off a general hourly rate, you’d be paying upwards of 100 dollars after just a day of mapping at minimum wage.

As for an edit of a map, we can’t legally or morally edit another map for you due to copyright and just respect out of the original mapper. However, if you are able to contact the original mapper for the map you want edited, and offer to pay them to edit their own map, not only will it be more possible, but it would also be better quality, because you’re paying the original designer to redesign a map they’re already familiar with inside and out. It’ll be better quality, worth the money, and faster.

If you hired someone to do a map from scratch it’ll take months and at least 100-200 dollars at minimum. I wouldn’t do an RP map for anything less than that, and that’s if I got to work on it at my own pace.

If you’d like to talk to me about making an RP map, I’ll chat with you but it won’t be done for months and I’d like to build a small team of people to work on it as a team.

I’m looking for someone who will make small to medium changes to the map rp_downtown_v4c_v2. I need someone who will do it for free or for not much $.

I could do it but i need vmf version of that map

There’s no mappers who would do a decent job for free, especially by decompiling or editing a map someone else made. It’s illegal and immoral.

Good luck though.

Why can’t downtown maps just die already?

I wouldn’t consider editing downtown a sin. It’s been edited so many times.

Either way, downtown is such a garbage map I don’t think anyone that knows what they’re doing would do it for free.

I wouldnt do it for money never mind free. that map is insta regret when you open the 4th generation decompile version from the 7th person who got it from the last.