Looking for a mapper


I’m currently looking for a mapper who can do some small edits in this map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1095749195&searchtext=

These edits have to be made:
An underground training area (Just an open space with maybe a little shooting range).
9 offices (Identical, so just copy paste them) in that training area
This underground facility can be accesible by an “elevator”, what is just a teleporter.
Copy paste this facility to the other base to
Add airstrips at each base

Price is negotiable.

I got the VMF file for the map and the models and such are in the addon itself (Can also send it)

Contact me:
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lem0nFridge
Discord: Lemonfridge#4993

I expect that the mapper got some sort of experience!

  1. You have to get permission from the original creator to edit their map, ESPECIALLY for profit. Most of us won’t be able to get that permission.

  2. “small edits” is contradictory for what you’re asking for. That’s several hours of work.

  3. I added a number 3 because I can’t stand only having two points.

The creator of the map has given anyone permission to edit it, I had missed that so forget #1.

First of all, the owner actually made his VMF public and all. And its already being done.

Edit: I also got the owner of the map on steam, and he gave permission.

He isn’t using it to generate profit. Your first point is absolutely invalid! He is paying for a mappers services, not getting money for the map…

A couple of hours of work are small edits for a map. Larger edits could realistically take weeks…

Dunno if this is allowed but you might have some luck on this website.


EDIT: I suggest if you do find someone who will work for whatever amount your offering, to pay them incremental amounts perhaps day by day (But only on the days they work on it) ask for screenshots of progression and what not.

The mapper bailed out. So I’m still looking!

Actually, if you read what I said, it’s a perfectly valid point. If a mapper is editing the map, and being paid, then it’s being done for profit. Per the rules of logic, if P then Q, and P, then Q… So my argument was a valid argument by definition. The original poster though pointed out the map was released to allow anyone to edit it, which counters what I was saying.

I’ve been slowly working on my own desert RP map for Military RP, based on functionality of stuff I’ve encountered in the Army, otherwise I’d be willing to take a swing at it. I’ll keep in mind some of the things you were wanting edited in this map to put in my own and perhaps it can do what you want.

The OP is offering to pay a guy to do the work… If the OP doesnt put a paywall behind the distribution of the edited map then he isnt making a profit…

Don’t see a problem if the VMF was released publicly. Added you on Steam.

You’re going to rate me dumb, and not even read what I said? Supposedly I’m the “dumb” one. Okay, ten-four.

Why are you going on about “The OP isn’t making a profit”? The mapper is the person making the profit, and the OP would be encouraging the mapper to make a profit off of someone else’s material. It’s really not that hard to understand. As I said though, turns out the map is publicly released for editing - which nullifies my point, and I said this as well. Keep fighting the good fight though. Rate me dumb, you’re the one not paying attention.

Try reading something before responding.

Why does it matter that hes paying someone for the work? The only way this whole thing would be considered ‘profiteering’ is if the OP begins to distribute the map for money or the person who is being paid by the OP to do the edit goes behind the OP’s back and begins to distribute it for more money… Theres nothing wrong here with what the OP is doing. (_( im clueless as to how you cannot see this.

People are going to laugh at this because apperantly this doesn’t need to be taken seriously somehow?! But this nullifies any discussion imo. It’s simply illegal to take money for mapping.

Section 2C of the steam subscriber agreement

well fuck prepare to be sued. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay so this is just very incorrect and plain misinformation right here. There are two main reasons why requests like this one are perfectly fine.

  1. He is paying for the mappers work, not for the created content. This is a very important difference. To compare: a car company cannot sue someone who works as a mechanic. The person who requests the edits obviously isn’t making a profit, so he is clearly in the clear. Next up, the mapper. He isn’t creating a map in hammer and then seling exclusive access to it. That would be illegal. Because of the nature of the engine any map on a server can be downloaded and used by anyone. So the map was and stays pretty much open-source. What is being paid, however, is the mappers work put into modifying the map. This means that what KingPommes posted isn’t relevant because the mapper doesn’t even have to use the developer tools. He can use, for example, WallWorm tools and circumvent any valve owned software entirely. But that in itself is a digression regarding the key argument. The mapper isn’t commercially selling content, he is commercialising his skills and work time.

  2. In the long history of requests similar to this one, Valve has never ever taken legal action. Back when CS 1.6 was hugely popular these kinds of jobs existed. And their number was very large when source games were at peak popularity. And this has remained entirely ignored by Valve, setting a clear precedent that they will never take legal action regarding something as simple as a 30$ map modification.

So please stop spreading panic and misinformation.

I normally wouldn’t weigh in on discussions like this because it’s laughable to think that valve is going to spend time and money going after people who make less than minimum wage creating or modifying maps for money.

This being said, I simply felt I had to respond to your post because of the irony.

To tackle your first point, your analogy is incorrect, possibly because you have misunderstood the quoted section of the steam subscriber agreement. It’s perfectly fine to make money through mapping, as it is also perfectly fine for a mechanic to repair cars. The difference is that the agreement says that you can’t do it with their tools. Consider if Tesla released a special toolkit for repairing cars, but said you can’t make money by doing work using this toolkit on any other cars but their own. This is perfectly reasonable right? Now consider if they had instead said that you can’t make money repairing any cars with this toolkit, even their own. By the same logic, this is also perfectly valid, and this is also a closer representation of the situation than the one you posted. The quoted section only makes reference to making maps using Valve tools.

For your second point, I completely agree. This clause is only their to cover themselves incase they want to use the right that they have reserved for themselves. That’s the entire point of the agreement. They can choose to act if they want to, but are in no way obligated, but this doesn’t make the agreements made within any less valid.

As for your closing comment, referred to above in this post as “the irony”, he is causing no panic, and from what I can tell, it is you, not him, the one spreading misinformation.

Nowhere in the request is it said that the mapper has to use Hammer? I don’t understand where the irony lies.

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This is spreading panic

Name another tool you would use. And no, it isn’t spreading panic. If you are panicked by someone pointing out that you can’t make money from mapping with Hammer, then that’s a different problem. The irony was that by saying he was spreading misinformation, you yourself were spreading misinformation.

WallWorm tools. For example, the Black Mesa team don’t use hammer at all anymore because WallWorm is a a far superior set of tools with all of hammers capabilities.

He never mentioned hammer - he literally said: its illegal to take money for mapping, which tonnes of people in this section have done.

He puts the quote in the same message as him saying it is illegal. If you had any doubt, reading the quote would have cleared that up, and if you still had doubt, he even posted a link to the entire agreement. Short attention span is what he seems to be causing, not panic.

As for other tools, you are entirely free to use those, but I don’t come across many people who use something other than hammer. Using the argument that “people use other tools” doesn’t go far in backing you up, because all the information was there in the guys post (see above).

VMF is a uniquely Valve creation, and so is VBSP, VVIS, and VRAD. You might be able to skirt the license if you don’t import any Valve assets into 3DS Max / WallWorm, and it never touches hammer / compile tools before the transaction is completed.

I don’t agree with James xX though, it’s 100% legal and fine if you’re compensated for your time on a creation that happens to be made using Hammer, while you can’t sell the map, you can be paid for your time working on something.

Furthermore, that license is untested in court, and would likely be stricken down.