Looking for a mapping partner

Hey, I’ve recently gotten into Hammer again, I used to make some unfinished maps for tf2 so i’m not an amateur at Hammer, I’d like to work with someone who is not a novice to Hammer him/herself and knows what they are doing. You don’t have to be professional at Hammer, just want you to be good enough to be able to actually do something useful.

Thanks for reading, any questions will be answered to the best of my ability.

Pix of work please.

Post some screenshots of your work?

Screen shots of work first


Oh shit double ninja’d. Give me clocks.

Found someone (pm’d me) Letting this thread die now.

now that sounds weird, I think he wanted to find some mapping slave to request him maps, because when we asked for pics he suddenly replied no need anymore.

( Well just sounds weird)

Most useless thread… Ever… Okay well maybe not. But I do agree with arleitiss.


Oh wait, I really do hope its not Roleplay Word this guy is talking about.

He stole from Hazard.

We never respected him previous to that incident anyway.