Looking for a mature group of survivalist!

Hi, my name is SnorklingDog, but you can call me Dog.

I have a group of friends that I play games with but…
They do not enjoy survival games.

So, I Dog, am left in the cold world of Survival Games (DayZ , Rust, 7DtD, etc) to fend for myself.

I’ve been trying to find groups of people in Rust to group with, but in the current stage of Rust, nobody can trust anyone. So they usually **kill or force **me to leave :frowning:

So, if you like playing tactical, efficient, and have a mic for communication, put your steam ID down below. I will add you and message.

If you want to add me
xplatypusstevex is my Steam ID

What timezone are you in I am GMT Liverpool UK.

US Central

Could cause issues with severs (ping and the like) and time differences. Oh well hope a group picks you up mate, be safe :slight_smile:

Steam ID is gtKnight

Hey if you want to play let me know! Steam ID: MrMackeyMKayyy

US Central 19