Looking for a medieval RP server.

So, I’ve played on a lot of Evocity servers for a very long time at a time, but I’ve always wanted to play on a medieval RP server. I think it would be pretty fun, something like Skyrim, but with more roleplaying and less killing. Anyone know a server like this? Also what are your opinions on such a server.

would be great

Medieval RP is the only RP I enjoy playing! I used to play on Matthews Medieval RP server, but that seems to be gone so yeah, would be nice. ^^

You could Crussaria, which is a medieval roleplay too. Content is on the site.

Me and a friend are coding one right now level system and HUD just finished

Oh all the fun times i had on that server, shame its gone now.

Is Crussaria any good? Tempted to join, but don’t want to have to download the content pack if the server isn’t any good.

Go LARPing

(no, don’t)

Link to the site?


There you go…

Cool, if you ever need a tester, I’m willing to help you out :slight_smile: