Looking for a model of a BELAZ 540

Looking for model of Belarus Technic “BELAZ 540”

Can be in any format, or from any game, if it exists in a game

Foto for reference:

I think they’re the same model, just the second one seems to have shittier textures.

Both downloads have an executable, that doesn’t work because I don’t own SA :x

No idea then. I don’t own or play SA either, i just had a quick look on google and found those.

Only you have to do is download the executable, and where it says type of installation touch where it says Automatic to change to manual and install it and when the install is done uncheck all the boxes and is ready and the files appear in your documents in a folder called www.gtavicecity.ru mods

I did all that but am still having no luck with actually opening it, I’ve never tried porting from GTA T^T

I do, you need the txd workshop (to open .txd) and zmodeler 2.2.4 or Kam’s Max Scripts to improt the dff (requires 3DS Max or GMax) http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=9172

Txd workshop does not show textures for BELAZ, and the maxscript gives error “.dff is unusual”

It is because many gta vehicles use the vehicle.txd to the other textures (tires, Mask, glass, lights.etc ) and the files on the BELAZ 540 (modification of the gta sa dumper truck) is only the dumper interior texture the other textures is in the vehicle.txd but as you no have gta sa I can not do anything

and ZModeler2 is the only who opens the .dff but saved as .3ds and opened with 3d max makes the model fully reversed

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and if you succeed to import without being reversed you would have to add the other missing tires (since the vehicles in GTA used a tire base and the other is replicated by the “boxes”)

In ZModeler2

but in 3d max:


Can you send me the model and it’s textures, in extracted format?