Looking for a Modeler for Eclipse Mod

Well, I am making a mod. You can check it out by

Clicking Here

It is a horror mod, named Eclipse, I am now looking for other MOD enthusiasts, who would like to help on a horror mod that isn’t like any horror mod you have ever seen. This is not a horror where it just scares you by things popping out, this is a psychological horror/thriller game.

So far you can see 2 screen-shots in the MODDB page linked above and there. If you want more of what I do you can check out my youtube page

If you want to apply just read the the section below.

As of now, there are several open positions that need filling on this mod team. At this exact moment we require…

  • 1 modelers who can animate/skin
  • 1-2 Coders (Would be needed to code weapons)
  • 1-2 texture artists (Would need to create detailed textures that go well with a gray scale look)
  • 1 concept artist

To join simply fill out the following application and PM it to me.

What position do you want:
How long have you been doing this:
Past work: (link to a video or picture)
Why do you think you should be accepted into this mod team?:

Check out the mod by Clicking Here

To PM me on MODDB Click Here
To PM me here just click on my name.

From what you can see from the pictures, I am not looking for people to make the mod for me. So please don’t say any crap like that.

umm thought I would atleast get some responses…