Looking for a modeler

Hello, Im currently making a mod, set (somewhat) in the 1940s. Im looking for a modeler who is willing to lend a helping hand.

What would you be doing for the team?

Me? Or the modeler?


Im making the maps and the script.

what sort of models do you need made?

Im looking for a FEW props, but mainly Futuristic soldiers and some WW2 era ones. Ill provide concept art, you would just make them.

lol you make it sound so easy (off-topic : lol 400posts)

Well its nothing big, but it has to be good. I have to do all the hard work.

You have to do all the hard work?

You just said you would supply the art.

But im also mapping, scripting, and writing. I need a solid team for the rest though.

Writing - Easy Job
Mapping - Harder but yet not as hard as modeling
Scripting - scripting what exactly?

I have to script new animations and events. Why iam being interrogated? I just want models that can be made at the craters own pace. Is that too much to ask?


The reason being most people come looking for teams as the idea guy, not really contributing anything to the team.

What you did say you’ll do, however, I doubt you can achieve. For instance, you don’t “script” animations, per say. It is possible to modify a QC file and do the bone movements bit by bit, but that is nearly impossible to do successfully, unless you knew your way around a grid extremely well.

As for mapping, that’d be an easy enough job, but can you do it well?

Look, I’ve tried to get someone to make me a skin. No one did. So I taught myself. I needed a map made. No one helped. So I taught myself. I need someone to at least make some models for me because I have a good team already and I only need a modeler and voice actors.

You do realize making player models that actually look good requires a somewhat skilled modeler.
And to actually get it in-game you would need somebody who knows how to work with the source engine.

This stuff takes time and hard work.