Looking for a Modeller and Texture Artist to Hire

Hi there! I’m wanting to hire some modelers and texture artists.

I’ve been working on a bit of an ambitious Garry’s Mod gamemode on and off for over a year now. Will be your usual survival based post apocalyptic open world game in a way, but with some heavy MMO aspects to it, genuinely aim for it to be more fun than Day-z Will have some rather high polished content for Garry’s Mod standards. And as for me I’m currently making a max source sized map for it that I’ve been making for most of the year now.

I’m seeking for a modification of multiple assets from other video games that have been released Gmod. I will be able to explain in greater detail what exactly I want done with them at a later time. Though basically I want the following modified.

A large Blast Door that needs re-animation on only it’s timing to suit my sound file. Also needs need a re-texture to 4096 x 4096 res, and the model to be resized by 3 times.

I also need a large monster zombie to be re-textured to a different design currently it’s only 1024 x 1024 wanting it to be 4096 x 4096.

The issue with the above files is I only possess their VTF textures. so re-texturing them may be difficult.

I also need 3 cars modified with changes in seating arrangements, some minor details. But also to have certain functionalities that Garry’s Mod offers on models. Like the ability for them to be colour-able, as well as being able to swap out certain parts like a spoiler, roll-cage, bullbars, decals ect. With all this being said. I’m wanting to prioritize the monster and the large blast door being textured on regards to quality. Hoping to find some top tier modelers and texture artists for those particular items, though my standard in quality for the cars is less so. But I do have all the required bake and diffuse textures for the car models.

I’ve already posted this advert on https://scriptfodder.com/jobs/view/13905 might be some more info there if you so require. But there isn’t a lot of modelers that use that site, so I needed to broaden my search a bit.

Hence this post.

I’ll also provide very detailed requests, with concept art, and textures to make things easier for both of us. I’d like to get started with themonster dude :wink: first.

Here’s a screenshot of all the items in question. :Edit nevermind about the helicopter. I’m sure that’s been sorted already.