Looking for a Nazi parade flag

I am looking for a model with a parade flag that the Nazis in Nazi Germany used.

I want a flag that is longer than that, but still has the eagle, as well as the swastika on top of the flag pole.

If you can find one ported to the source engine, that’ll be fantastic. If you only find a model that hasn’t been ported, that is also fantastic, because then I can port it over myself.

So, either a ported flag for source (doesn’t matter if it is GMod, L4D or any other source game, I’ll port it over to SFM as that is what I want to use it for) or a flag that can be opened in 3dsmax/blender.

Or, if you find a flag in the likelihood to the swastika (like Metro 2033 Fourth Reich), that’ll work as well as long as it is not ported yet.

Might be useful http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=161448679

Yes, the flag is there, but I’m looking for a pole with it, as I showed in the reference picture. As mentioned, I’m looking for a pole with it, or just a pole with the swastika and eagle, as for what they used in parades and marches.