Looking for a new server.

Since my main server ([EU] New Sunshine [Wiped])is nowhere to be found anymore and probably went offline for unknown reasons, I am now looking for a new server.

I would prefer:

  • Recently wiped (22 or 21 /12/2013)
  • An avarage population of around 50-60 active people.
  • Based in the EU

It’s for me and some friends, I’ve been trying to look for one but finding one matching all the criteria is hard.
All information is welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


You could try this, the population is kind of low just now, as it just started, but it has most of the people from another server coming soon. As it’s new there are now huge bases yet, so consider it wiped.

anyway maybe see you around



Check if the ping is LOW :slight_smile: , And good luck finding the server of your choice!