Looking for a nice Enemy Team by [ALLiANCE] RoN1n

Dear mates, friends, foes and farmers,

since our clancommunity of 2 Clans G0DSINC and KpZ became 1 big unit for now, we would like to find a Kind of enemy Team we could fight on any Server. Currently we are on a german one, wich is called Abenteuer Dauerfeuer ( A very good german Server, good ping, 200 Slots, fair admin, anti cheat ), but we also would move 50% of our time to another Server in order to start a small challenge between maybe 1-2 Clans that like some competition.

There are 5-12 members online most of the time from our side, some days in the evening we are roaming with 10 guys, wich might disturb the gameplay of some Players, due they have no Chance to defend themselves.

So honestly, if you would like to join our current Server and accept our challenge, we can give you some days guaranteed raid free time, than lets start a good fight, there can only be one was we all know. :stuck_out_tongue:

IF you are a Team with i would say 8+ active Players, we also would be happy to get an invite to the Server u Play on, so we can bring some life, bullets and fun on it. ^^

You can add me on steam; account is xxxnordcorexxx or also called [ALLiANCE] RoN1n // [G0DSINC] RoN1n

We would be very happy to find some challengers, EU time Zone.

Happy farming and built safe,

yours, RoN1n and greetings from the [ALLiANCE]


Dont Play on this Server ( Abenteuer Dauerfeuer ) Admin will ban you without comment if you have too much power in it.