Looking for a particular mod

I saw this Infestation mod thing today where these little ball/blob things grew and spread and attacked people and stuff. Apparently Paradukes made it, and apparently it’s supposed to come with SBMP but neither is turning out true. :C



Here’s a vid of it. Still can’t find a download link.


Blastfungus. Or something that looks a lot like it.

I already have blastfungus. It’s very similar but the infection doesn’t grow in size or attack players/npcs. Paradukes’ even starts to fly after a little while :U


Was it already released or just the video? If that’s the one your talking about, it’s not on gmod.org.

I’ve turned gmod.org upside down looking for it, it’s not there. I’m certain it’s been released, I just saw it the other day in a sb2 server.

It comes with SBEP, not SBMP and is SVN.

Oh, hey Whosdr :smiley:

I don’t think I got it when I downloaded SBEP. Do you have a svn link? Might have an outdated folder or something.