Looking for a partner on [US] East server

Already got a 6 story house just need someone to come help me build it up, and then wreck havoc on the world. It’s in a very nice location too, I usually play from 4 eastern to 6 everyday then on weekends, I play some of the day and all night. The exact server ip I’m not sure, but I do know the name is something like [US] East PVP/sleepers/airdrops with 100 pop limitation and it’s usually one of the top 5 servers as far as people on go and it’s under the community tab. Well let me know later. Also you’ll get full access to my house obviously and if you have any design ideas to make it better then we’ll talk about it. I’m not some Dousche bag that’s gonna rob you either, I really need a partner it’s Rough being solo on a 100 person server and nearly impossible to trust anyone or for them to trust you. If you want we can meet up at a location and talk it out.


come on ts3: bionics.mainvoice.net