Looking for a partner to run a server

Looking for a experienced partner to run my garry’s mod server with me, I pay for everything and you get a share of donations! please have skype with a working microphone and know how to set most things up with ease for example setting it up so that SCars download to people who don’t have it and make it work with the server for money and such… also add me on skype if interested: rhigosrebel or just post a reply!

1.Speaks english
2.Has working microphone and skype
3.Knows at least some coding so configure the server
5.Willing to meet and decide on the admins


  1. Developer rank (Same as owner)
  2. Part of the donations
  3. Credits on the website and the MOTD
  4. Loved by the owner :3

I really don’t think you realize how many people make threads like this offering the same thing. Nobody cares about a rank on a server, so I wouldn’t even list that as a reward. Also, it may help to show what experience you have, or what you’ve currently done.

Well right now it’s pretty basic, we have the addons needed but still need t configure the money printers, more jobs and entities also block the minge tools, so yah… Im currently trying to learn E2 to progress on to Lua and hopefully learn more and more… also there’s donation shares involved not just a rank…

hmm if it would be a build server, i would have agreed…


When it comes to server admins you best looking if any of your friends are interested in doing it, its better a friend who knows you running a server than a stranger you don’t know having control and power of a server.


Just reminding you that, strangers is not trustworthy to get a high rank. (they can be minges^^)

What’s wrong with strangers? I think he’s a cool guy…

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Hehe grammar

I’m pretty sure having people donate to the server and then giving some of it to a person for personal use is illegal.

Let me clarify, that this is because if people donate to the server and are not told of this it is basically stealing money since it’s not going to the cause it was meant for.

uh what no

unless the server specifies that it’s 100% non-profit, any money can be given to people working on the server