Looking for a partnership in server hosting

Hey guys i wanted to get a server up which i will be doing in the next day or so. Ill probably put several game modes (onslaught evovled, some kind of RP,some kind of apocalyptic rp, tdm, some others idk) on it and switch between them periodically.

I just wondered if anyone would like to help me manage the server, as in admins or people to help install addons/maintenance and so forth on the server. Also, if your interested in a gamemode that other servers don’t usually have nows your chance to ask because ill most likely upload anything (as long as its not too complicated) anyone wants to serve the community :stuck_out_tongue: if u have any questions PM me.

edit: almost forgot, whats the best site to rent servers?

xenon? art of war central? ive tried both already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go with Xenon for the server host, I’ve been with them for more than a year now, and I’ve had no problems so far. They also have a steam chat bot that you can use to control your server(restarts, start/stop, next billing date, etc.)

Xenon sponsors my community, I like them. :v:

ok i guess its xenon then…

one question however, is this place good?

it says they have good support for the US and also u dont even need a highspeed dl server to transfer addons to guests because it already is a high speed server :woop:

Xenon’s servers are plenty fast, the bottleneck will always be with the client’s connection, unless you have a oc3 at home :P, and anyways, Xenon comes with free sv_downloadurl built in. Xenon is already hosting 300+ servers, so I’d trust them with my server more.

EDIT: Xenon’s support is GREAT too, sometimes the response time is LESS THAN 2 MINUTES, also, they have that steam bot I was talking about!

Alright then, sounds good.

Now im just looking for someone to join me in the process. Im renting and will split the fee with another member that iv’e found. Im just looking for some potential admins that wont abuse the system and possibly a tech person to help with maintenance and addon support for the server.

bb is badass. Free sv_downloadurl built in. And unlimited disk space.

mmmmm i think im going with xenon, seems less expensive.

Is there anyone out there that would be willing to be an admin or tech for the server?

I’ll do it, Im fairly good at server runing/ tech help been doing it for a year now off and on
im good with anything

ill help, pretty good with technical schtuff and gmod. i can be an admin or a tech helper.

alright guys pm your steam usernames. i havnt bought the server yet as im still trying to find the best company/site to use. do either of you have any expierence in lua coding? I need several people to help as the gamemode im trying to create is taking forever and tends to get tedious and boring

If DarkRP is a pain to you, then I doubt you can do much.

yea dark rp is kind of a pain. iv’e already got a small system runnning. the problem is its under fretta:( so idk whether to sswitch it to a standalone or not and im not 100% sure how to. gulp.

I’ll help, I’m a good admin… but you’ll have to wait till I get my new computer… but yeah. I’ll help.

i sent u a message guitarhero.

Its not any more i’v been learning the commands - Not a pro at it but i got it down now

I could be an admin. I can manage gamemodes well, and can modify gamemode lua to see if you would want anything changed. I’m good with allaround addons. I’m somewhat a professional in handling Garry’s Mod server configurations. I’d be a great admin.

Toxicweirdo for admin, '10

Being a server administrator is much more than just knowing a few commands.

im tired i havent had sleep in 3 DAYS im not thinking right… ( sleep distorter )

Im also very good with ULX ans any other admin mods
I cant code much… :L

I know - its being a role model and obeying the rules and Enforcing them.
And also geting along with the players…Make sure players with get along with everyone else.
Haveing fun and makeing sure peoples fun is not ruined for the most part ( anything i can do to keep them happy and myself happy wist obeying the rules/Enforcing them )

Im going to go to bed in 5 hours… maybe…
I know how to setup server’s fully


Which do you prefer, ASSMod or ULX?