Looking for a perp coder

I need someone who can code perp and be dedicated. Our community has been waiting months for our coder now to get the server up and I need someone what will be willing to finish the job seeing that he isn’t that active anymore.

Let me just say the server is almost done.

There is opportunity of becoming part of the Technical Leadership for the Gmod Division if you are dedicated and mature.

Just be experienced in LUA and you’ll be fine! Thanks!

If you need to contact me PM me here or via steam.

Add: Hockey19rob

My name should be kilroy19


Try there.

Not really looking for a long thread that I will have less of a chance of getting someone willing to help :P.

I have made a post there anyway :confused: But feel free to still post here you fell the need.

PM me.

I might as well disappoint you with the recent Gmod 13 release.

Facepunch isn’t a good place for free help on a RP gamemode, just a headsup you’ll probably need to drop some $$$