Looking for a pro mapper.

Looking for pro a mapper for a upcoming game mode called gmod hotel. If you would like to map for us please add http://steamcommunity.com/id/propsareawesome

Were looking for a lobby/hotel map. If you just wanna make the map then pm me the map, thanks.

Gmod hotel link

My parody of GMT will kick your in the ass. What base are you using, Darkrp, :laughs:, Im using

[sp]FalloutMod[/sp] Alright!!


FalloutMod rofl and no not darkrp. its from scratch

Good luck, I’m sure there are loads of pro mappers willing to jump at that opportunity. /sarcasm

flame more.

Maybe if you weren’t a retard 09 er you would know what it is. Also hes not flaming its pure fact no one wants to map this for you. Atleast the good mappers like Larry_g The Pro Lord Ned ect

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just leave k?

A lesson you’re going to learn as soon as people notice this thread. NEVER, EVER, ask people to map FOR you. Unless you have something to show or are willing to pay for the service.

Woah So he got banned for 3 things? Woah. Yeah dr0id thanks for posting for me. :smiley: Still looking for a mapper.

Its not for me… Its for a game mode and its their choice if they wanna help.

Heh. Make this gamemode for me while i take all the credit. Designers usually pitch in you know.

Even better, you have beta testers before you even have a gamemode…love the ineptitude.

Anyway, what is the gamemode about?

i posted a link …

Its a party game mode like lobby and gmod hotel.

And we would add u 2 the list of mappers but seems like you think we will take all the credit.

Well, I am guessing your calling me an “Idea-guy” which I am not. I do the ideas, make the textures, give advice, and help with coding. So yeah I am not an Idea Guy.

The features are on the G-mod Hotel group page.

Getting testers now gets it out of the way.

I read it.

Leader and Creator- Propsareawesome

Tough job eh.

Never seen a hotel that has a racetrack in it…the page still tells people nothing about what the gamemode is about. It just seems to be a build rp map thingy.


Is their sum thing wrong with that?

Im not going to write a whole paragraph describing what I do. It makes no sense.

Iorny X1

I told him he doesn’t need to be trolling.

Look at it from our point of view. You come into the mapping section and ask for people to join your crew, linking us to a page that doesn’t tell us anything about the gamemode. There is no screenshots from ingame, I’ve never even heard of those mappers. You have three coders, two mappers and nothing to show for it. Plus the Creator is listed as just that, there is nothing else. Because of the lack of solid information, that will put experienced mappers off.

i am… and the mappers left