Looking for a programmer to help make a new RP gamemode

Hey guys, Basically I want to find someone to help create a new RP game for gmod. Basically DarkRP is an EPIC fail and is just god awful, I’m sorry all it is is CSS with gmod player models, the economy doesn’t circulate basically all the money goes to the gun dealers and once you get past a certain amount of money u don’t even need to rp… SO anyways I am not going to pay the person to write this (it will be voluntary), if they want to help me I have some brilliant Ideas, and the gamemode WIll be put on my SERVER when its ready… If it gets big, then we’d get more servers and expand etc and in the end you will be making money… please spare me with the negative reply’s, if anyone is interested PM me.

I will be paying for the server, you get CO-Owner status, eventually would make money from the servers, be the genius who made the Best RP game evurr :] and much more…

If someone could make this “Epic Rp” you say you want to be made they would do it by there self then buy servers for them self they could get Owner status its not hard to be an idea guy

Well, I already got someone XD