Looking for a PvP Server with no/limited raiding

Hi there, I bought Rust yesterday and I have really enjoyed it so far. I spent all night playing it with a friend and we were having a blast, that is until a group of other players took over our house and built on top of it whilst we was out collecting resources. This really spoilt the experience of Rust for us, we’d spent 6+ hours working to build a rather nice house and within minutes a group of others came and claimed it as their own and killed us upon our return, leaving us with basically nothing.

I’m sure that I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like this part of the PvP (I love PvP in the wild), so we’re looking for a server that:

Is based in the EU or US and has PvP but with certain rules about raids, either raids aren’t permitted at all or you may only steal, no claiming the base. Insta-craft would be a bonus but not necessary.

when it comes to raiding, an admin has no control over what people do, most of the time people wont claim over your house but it seems you guys got unlucky. i do know of a server you guys could join. it started up 2 days ago so most people don’t have that much, this is great because you guys wont have to worry about getting raided if you build a decent house.

just press f1 when your ingame and enter this,

if you join, just ask for delta (me) and i could give you guys some stuff and mabey form an alliance, just because im a lone wolf.