Looking for a quality Garry's Mod server provider, Quality over expense

I am looking for a quality Garry’s mod server provider. I want a quality server host which is not a rip off but good value for money. I do not mind paying a lot but I do want very high quality. I also would like good customer support service and a fast FTP. If you could recommend me and server hosts that are half decent I would be greatly thankful.

I’d go for Elpis Host, to be honest. I’ve used a lot of server providers, and I’ve enjoyed Elpis host the most.

Only use Elpis of you live near Texas since he owns the servers there. He rents the NYC ones and they are sort of slow. Your FTP and game panel will also take ages to load in the East Coast (of America). I recommend NFO.

I’m using Jestservers, have it for about a month & I must say I have crashed maybe 30 times in the last 30 days, this is a server that has about 5 - 10 people on a day, spawning 300+ prop vehicles.

NFO Servers is the way to go.

Which is why we dropped NY - we haven’t been in Texas for over a year now.