Looking for a quote for converting some .nif's to .mdl

Is there anyone that is looking for some model conversion work? I need models to be converted from .nif to .mdl for a mod.
The models are from morrowind. I need the armors, and miscellaneous items. Possibly some building models too.

If anyone is interested please post. I have a lot of models to be converted over time so the work will last for a while.

Im open to working out a price. If you want to become a member of the team and get paid too then reply here.

These are examples of the armors.

Mostly all of the models are static.

I will need 10 player models done with the 10 character models. They are all humanoid, and can be the same height.
I will be parenting the armors to the bones so I will need for the player models to be accurate with the armors.

Thank you.