Looking for a rat map

Hello folks.

I’m searching for a rat map I forgot the name. It is a bedroom with a 45° angled ceiling, and lots of details. I only remember there is a dead rat somewhere in the wall foundations of the room.
This was by far the best rat map I played. The author of the map is a Facepuncher IIRC.

Sorry for making a thread, I don’t really know if there’s a special place for such requests.

Ask and thou shall receive.

Thanks mate !

That looks amazing, how have I not seen this before!?

Especially considering all the props and assets are probably custom. Where else would one find giant props? And the computer is hilarious

You could always edit the scale of a model in the qc file, I’ve seen a few people doing stuff like giant melons or cones.

I don’t think he was actually asking. He was just stating that the mapper must have done all the models himself.