Looking for a respectable RP server.

Difficult to please request ahead
I am in serious need of one. DarkRP is acceptable to a degree; I am mainly looking for a mature community that understands that you can RP without a gun and roleplaying means you actually have to act like a real person. I am averse to servers that seemingly exist to just have shops/drugs/guns. A storyline would be good too?

Don’t suggest NecropolisRP; I already go there occasionally, but I want to take a break from it. A new server could make things fresh again.

This is a difficult request, I know. But help me out here guys. Please? :buddy:

I’ve been looking for one myself.
I’d say that mobius servers is a pretty good community with some good RP servers. I enjoyed my time on their servers.

Find the server running Atomic RP. Its great, in fact i think more servers should run that game type.

Check these guys out:

they are pretty straightforward with everything. i’m on there from time to time. they play off the HL2 universe very well in my opinion. They use Open Aura for a Half-Life 2 Roleplay universe

Orange Cosmos Roleplay - Straightforward RP, vehicles, weapons, organizations.

Aperture Roleplay - Futurisitc RP, lasers, jetpack, ridiculously huge armors.

Taco ‘n’ Banana RP - Serious RP, ranging from Terminator RP to Half life 2 RP.

Orange Cosmos - Pretty much PERP
Aperture Roleplay - Gunz RP
Taco ‘n’ Banana - Don’t even get me started

Taco ‘n’ Banana haves the best admin around :v: