Looking for a rigger.

Hey guys, I am like working on a project, and i’m porting models from WoW to Gmod, which is working really well, I already ported weapon models, a bridge, chests, but now, here it comes, I need a rigger that can rig some ragdolls for me, and make them into a playermodel if possible, I got ALL the models already, you just need to add in bones and stuff. If you want to participate in the project i’ll be very happy, i’ll give you credits if its done, you can beta test. Were just in need of a rigger, and a lua’er, but i’ll get one when we actually need one. We already got some work, i’ve began on a map, the Human starting area, Northshire, and its working out pretty well. I can port EVERY model ingame. So we can do everything with the models. Add me on steam (stany10) if you want more info, or if you want to participate. Pics of map coming up soon, (Map is still in early stage.) I’ll post some pics of some models too. The gamemode will be like, World of Warcraft-Styled/Based, but with the source engine.

Please note that the “Looking for ripper” thread was by a friend of mine, but he did it wrong. :v:

Sorry but I misread the title as “Looking for a [sp]nigger[/sp]”

That’s… so nice. E… ehheh…

Hope that we will find a ripper, IMEAN rigger xD

i need one!

You are not alone

Sorry for offense to some of you