Looking for a Roleplay Gamemode! (Offering Cash)

Dear Reader, Me and my community are looking for a heavily edited darkrp gamemode that we can use on our server. We will be able to offer some cash depending on the quality of work.

If you are intrested post below or pm me.

Steam User: lord_pimpster



List the features you want and how much you are paying for them and I will think about adding you

You dont have any patients for this forum but you have some for a complete and uter newbie.

Everyone deserves one chance

The day you believe that yourself will be the day i stop trying to learn lua.

So today?

Lol… Admin me and we can speak

I don’t think you ever started trying to learn, you just stuck code snippets together :v:

If admin is a typo for add then I don’t add people they add me