Looking for a RUST player team.

Greetings fellow RUST players.
If you’re new like me, you’ve probably found out by now that RUST is not too fun without a good solid team. The sheer number of bandits in the game often makes things very difficult and (for me) results in jumping servers to find a suitable spot. Anyways, I hope this is the correct place to post this. I’m looking for a team of about 10 people who are interested in playing together and eventually settling on a good server. I’m looking for mature players (18 or older). I’m located near near Niagara Falls region and looking for people from the same time zone. I’m looking forward to playing with you. Eventually I’d like to get a server of my own to run if I enjoy playing long term.




Welcome to Rust.

I’m currently building a Reddit based Rust community over at www.reddit.com/r/redditrustcommunity . It’s a place where redditors can come together and talk about Rust, and organise events on our server. Currently looking at fortress building, and pvp tournaments in a community designed and built arena.

People will be more than happy to team up if you post on the subreddit, and if you have any questions post them there and someone will answer.

Good luck wherever you decide to play.

Well, I’ve got a group that has actively started increasing a small little compound to make noobs look a little more secure, as well as giving them some starter gear so that they’re less vulnerable. It all started with the four horsemen (the names of me and my friends on the server) and some guys came along and built near us, we let them keep it and bam, noob community. So, yeah, hit me up on Steam Tzun_Lajn and i’ll tell you the server stuff and where you can find us. We’re not exactly bandits, but we do raid for our people. So, this is not the place if you’re looking to play only PvE. Thanks! :smiley:

Harlow, if you want to play on US Central 3, add me to your Steam Friends list and we can talk. We’ve got a fun clan. Some of our players are in high school, some are older. Gotta have Skype though.

We’ve got a team speak, if you’d rather chat there.

I’m all in man, been tough trying to do it on my own.

So after about 12 hours of playing. I settled on a server “Canada Kicks Ass”. Out of all the servers I played, this one seems to be the only one that has an admin on alot of times and the admin is very active. I built a fairly large base and spent alot of time hunting, managed to build one internal room with a metal door surrounded by 2 larger room with wooden doors. Logged in in the morning expecting to be dead (it is a sleep server) but I was safe in my metal doored room, however, two of the wooden doors have been broken down and someone was snooping in my base but I had nothing in those rooms anyway. Let me know if youre interested in joining me on this server, my base in located in between several resource nodes so resources are easy to get (I personally collected over 3000 wood just by running from pile to pile close by my base) and there is a large rad town nearby. Post up your skype usernames and /or steam names if you’re interested. Being an older player (over 20) I’d prefer to play with mature people, that’s my only main concern.

Cheers and thanks for all the responses!

you can join me on the server I mentioned above

i’m looking for a team to play together,too, my steam id is bARRY, i played like 60 hours on my friend’s account so i know many knowlage of the game.

bARRY i think i added you. I play on “Canada Kicks Ass” server. So PM me and I will send you info. Ièm playnig with another good guy and we are friends with a group of friendly 6 people. Overall, the atmosphere is very friendly but there are bandits and raids although we can hold up much better than before.

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PM me your steam or write it here.

Howdy i play on a friend of mines server its an admin active server friendly players 30 to 45 players during high playing times 15 to 25 during low usage hours add me on steam my steamname is princelestat6464

We just created a RUST clan with about 20 members so far from different regions, mostly from US! We are active most of the time! Check us out here --> nwoclan.org