Looking for a Rust server that does not suck.

Is there such a thing?

I’m new to Rust in general and I have to say the community in every server I’ve visited is terrible, there’s nil communication between anyone, it’s just shoot and kill on sight which almost defeats the purpose of ever actually trying in this game.

I’d like a server that’s filled with people who kind of want to take it seriously rather than just 14 year olds spouting dumb reddit memes and getting into arguments every 5 seconds, It’d be nice to have an encounter with someone that begins with a conversation rather than a gunshot, but so far this doesn’t seem to exist.

add me on steam. Vendetta Hazard

No thanks.

We try and run a good show, insanely active admins (I pretty much am online via steam mobile all the time and will also ban mobile if the entire server is screaming hax), we do some events, and while most do KoS (nature of the game) we have what I consider a good balance of assholes and nice people.


I think you will be disappointed to find this game is not to find new social contacts. lone wolfs will have to hide from bandits or headshot them all. go find yourself a group if you dont like the concept, but considering you might have stuff of value on you and there is no downside of killing you, why wouldnt anyone do it?
You can always try to find a server that reads “noob/freshspawn protection” tho or “PvE” servers.

Well, i just started up a new Rust server that is 24/7 Dedicated and is very friendly. I mean there is PVP, but we try to keep it not KOS for skins, or new joiners. I mean i understand if your walking near someone and they have a rock hovering over you and dont back up, you kinda have to make a decision, but definatly we dont allow just random people to KOS everywhere. KOS(Kill On Site) For people that do not know.

I can post the Server name and info if you guys would like, i just dont want it to seem like im advertising lol

Hi massaki,

Nice to meet a person who thinks the same way as me. I’m Hirsty, recent owner of UK-Rust. We, up to now have a 98% server uptime, quite a fewer server mods - including an arena to keep some of the PvPers at bay - we have many anti-cheat mods which will ban anyone who tries to fly, speedhack and/or aimbot. I do try to be as active as I can on the server and work my very best to further improve it, but do have a 40 hour week to run too! We are around a month old and would love if you could join us :slight_smile: If you wish you can add me on steam - Hirsty (with the penguin) and you will find no advertising on the server - advertiser messages will be discarded and they willl be kicked. Our website is here: www.uk-rust.com

All I can say is good luck finding a populated server like that. If you are interested you can find info about my server here: www.thenoxis.com

You can’t really be upset with the game functioning the way it was designed. Take away civilization, this is exactly what would happen to society. People killing each other without question. Get used to it.

Yeah, advertising sucks, huh… lawl.

it does when you see people spamming net.connect messages :smiley:

The point is that here you are, advertising.

OP is LOOKING for a server…

The companionship you’re looking for can probably be found in PVE or RP servers, though hard to come by. I don’t know of any personally, but you can check around reddit for some “hot” ones. However if that isn’t what you’re looking for, PVP servers where people aren’t occasional, if not complete, asshats is actually pretty rough to come across. Feel free to add me on steam if you want to team with me and we can make the best out of this dirt road.

hi massaki

The problem is perhaps what Rust is or is not intended for, and I will go back to the tired and cliched “it’s alpha” comment. Only because I don’t know where this game will end up…but where it is now and the options, I like the PVE aspect and so I gravitate towards PVE.

Some people believe Rust is only PVP and that is all there is to the game and that it’s about killing, griefing and raiding. They are not wrong either.

So for now, I like to find and play on PVE only servers and I play on Lewy K’s:


PVP is optional and can be turned on given a few scenarios. But if a 99% PVE server isn’t your thing either, it’s ok. :slight_smile:

He’s talking about people advertising other servers while playing in his server. Quite a bit different than advertising in a thread about finding a server.

what advertising means? :c


We run scripts that no other servers have.

  • anti-ramp bases
  • anti-campfire spam
  • drop++ loot tables (explosive is very hard to come by)
  • min airdrop is 5+ and actually drops handy things

Our scripts are the main thing… They include

Improved /TPA
Improved /Destroy (no lag)
Anti-speed hax
Double Resources
No durability or decay

What this all means is the server lasts for along time. Kids don’t run around blowing everything up, because they can’t. C4 drops from airdrops, but only 1-2 at a time. That means you don’t have to have stupidly huge bases to combat C4.