Looking for a RUST Team

Hey there,

I’m Tich, i just recently started playing rust, i would like to join rust with a couple possible friends… i am a very passive player and dont really attack other players unless i need to or have too, i dont have but am able to get TS, Mumble, Ventrillo, whatever you want to use to communicate… Alittle about myself is i am a very avid gamer and have been gaming for near 10 years… I am currently in the US Army as a 25b/35l which makes my schedule very shaky sometimes… i am 20 years of age and like to communicate with people of similar personalities as mine… if you have questions please post or PM me them

Hello players…is now open a new server, with adm 24h on ( MOD RUST++, VACUUM, DOOR SHARED.



im still looking for squad mates!

I’ll play some rust with you, man. You can add me on steam, and my friend has a TS3 server we can communicate on.
Steam: Colonel_Saz

Hey mind if I could join I’m a pretty passive player too. I’m also new. Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/010203010203/
I usually use skype to communicate but I could also use TS

i added both yall on steam, i hope to get in game with you both sometime! make some pretty fantastic creations and pop some zombies in the face

I could join :slight_smile:

whats your steam name? :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants to join me… my steam name is Tichman2

If anyone is interested in joining a group, you can add me on Skype: keithb83. My Steam: keithb8. I play with 2 other guys pretty regularly on a variety of servers.

Mature players over 16 years of age are invited to apply at www.Crimson-Ops.com.

Mature and respectable gaming community with our own official server.

Everyone, join me and my friends on element0.com server. Been playing for 1 week now and this server is perfect! admins are 100% active. Im ok to start from scrach with you guys! The beginning is my favorite part.

sounds good ive added yall

we can push for more so we can actually make complete fortresses and villages and such… trade posts and all that… just post here

btw if anyone wants to join the server we play on net.connect … it has very helpful admins


hellboundsoldiers.org We have our own RUST server. Teamspeak and Website!! We have over 40 Active members just for RUST alone!

ts.hellboundsoldiers.org is our TS
add me on steam at SpeedYz317