Looking for a scripter for my ttt server


Hello, i am currently waiting to get someone who may be able to script a few things for my friends and i server that will be dedicated for Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Skills needed: Lua/Mysql

What i would need to be done is the following.

-VIP/Donation system- What this will do is allow the clients to donate ether of the following
*5$ = 75VD Credits - VIP Status
*10$ = 200VD Credits - VIP Status - One GIFT Hat & or Mask <- Will be explained later
*15$ = 500VD Credits - SuperVIP Status - One GIFT Hat & or Mask - Ability to vote kick/ban people

-(The VD Shop)-
This shop will contain 3 tabs with 2 sections in each of them for the hats/mask models

This will contain some cool yet poor (compared to VIP and SuperVIP) Hats (No Masks).

Custom ones will be added soon :]

Will contain Hats only as well but a more variety.

Will contain both Hats and Masks!

Basic members can gain mask by killing the traitor (Or traitors killing innocent) and each kill will give them 1 VD Credit. (At the end of the round it will show them)

Each VIP section’s will have there own color and a custom symbol that i will make in photoshop in chat for the players to identify who paid what

I would like the donation system to be automatic and when they pay they will get the money right away but if that’s not possible then ill be fine with that

All custom menu images will be created all i want to know is the preferred size

Last thing i would like is some custom trader weapons. (Grappling hook that if shot at a player and hits them, they will die and the body can be dragged to the one who shot them.) The grappling hook will also be used to transport the player across the map. (It only will have 3 hooks)

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. post here that you are interested along with the source below, also send me a pm saying you are interested in the job.

Finished Scripts:(Show me the scripts)
How long you have been scripting:
Your price range for everything!:(Free? ^_^)

If you guys have any ideas what should be added and or taken away then please feel free to speak!

I’ll do this for 65$.

Can you show your experience like asked please?

Or he could just show you the finished project.

ether or. I just would like a response

65$ is way overpriced.

And he’s probably trolling considering he couldn’t even code a Upper-Case only script.

Yeah i know :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t want this thread to die, i really am looking for a scripter