Looking for a serious DarkRP?

Attention Everyone who is looking for a Serious DarkRP ANTI-minge, try out the RRP (Raven’s Roleplay) The new zombie beta is awesome TON’s of maps, and a shitload of weapons, jobs and things to do. The maps change depending on what we do, like the new Zombie Beta, or just fancy a change in the roleplay. so you wont just be bored on one server! These are the links:

Register: http://theravens.megagamer.net/index.php?action=register
Advice on applying: http://theravens.megagamer.net/index.php/topic,77.0.html
Format: http://theravens.megagamer.net/index.php/topic,6.0.html

That’s all you need, don’t try and get into the server, you wont be able to, without applying.

Comments: I think this is a great server! Trust me anyone who apply’s will get accepted if you know how to apply for things. But honestly join the community!

Isn’t this like the second advertisement you make for this RP server that’s not in the advertisement section?

The last one wasn’t I was stating my opinion, so let’s stop trying to get me banned ok?

Not trying to get you banned, simply throwing my opinion out there… I guess it’s too late…

Actually, that was for a one word thread.


In his defence, the title explained everything…