Looking For A Server - PvP - Craftable C4 - AirDrops - Good Balance of Nice People and Assholes - Active Admins

Hey guys! I had a happy home on my current server but the amount of trolls and griefers has become to much to bare. I’m looking for a server that is fairly active (30-50 at peak) and has active admins. Something that is on the west coast is preferred. I’m a fan of PvP but only if it’s for the love of a fair fight, trolling nakeds and groups of 15 mass murdering people sucks. Anyway, if someone has or knows of a good server feel free to PM me or post it here.



No Mods
No Hackers
No Lag
No Wipes!

Cheat Punch
Server Online 24/7

Thanks man, I’ll take a gander tonight :slight_smile:

• Fresh Server as of 3/1/14
• Oxide
• PvP
• Sleepers
• Airdrop at 10 Players
• Friendly Community
• Half Craft
• Starter Kit with Bow and 10 Arrows, Sleeping Bag, Bandages and 2 Cooked Chicken Breasts.
• No Admin Abuse.
• No Wipes that are under our control.
• Currently only 100 slots hope to increase as population grows.
• Minigames (Arenas) and events.
• Plan to expand and add our own Lua plugins.