Looking for a server that meets these requirements

Hey guys, I am a tad new to Gmod and I often play with two pals of mine. We started on this one HL2RP server, but the map was so small and there was little to do. Very few people RPed and there was only a few weapons, very few jobs, and even fewer items. Then we tried some DarkRP servers and found one that we liked best because it had numerous jobs, tons of weapons, more contraban, better map, better RP/control, and CARS!! Lol I mean who doesn’t like cars? (Besides CDM) But we got an admin all butt hurt cause we raided his house which he foolishly put across the street from us. So we decided to check out other servers. One of my buddies had been on PERP for a while before and loved those servers. So we got the stuff for some of the PERP servers and started playing on Fearless Rp Server. It had a shit ton of cars, loads of weapons, more jobs, way better RP, and the best map so far. We haven’t discussed continuing our search, but I want to check out a few on my own.

LF server

-Good control from admins/Semi-serious RP.

-Tons of jobs and tons of options for each!

-Many ways to make money, legal or illegal.

-Good amount of weapons, cars, and other items.

-Good map, preferably an Evo-city map.

-Supports gangs/gang wars.

-Boasts a good amount of people during most hours, 30+.

-Love the extra add-on, like fishing or mining!

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Hey theirs a new perp server. Pretty damn good. Its [DP3] Perp server. Look for it on garrysmod.
has the brand new Evo city on it as well.
Tel; your friends :D http://www.darkestperp3.com/
Tons of Jobs, and cars, and multiple add-ons for PERP.
Download the Content pack at www.darkestperp3.weebly.com !
Enjoy the server! Invite your friends to have a great time on PERP!

So I don’t get it is this an advertisement or is this what you’re looking for?

A server that has all that?
Why don’t you divide by zero while you’re at it?


perfect for people like you!

You, are an idiot.

This guy had a post advertising his server had all those features, then when it was deleted he made this and legodynasty replied to it saying with something probably like “Oh wow, we have all that!”.